The Mindfulness Prescription

by Danni Thompson, RYT

Mindfulness is a simple and popular type of meditation that is often practiced in traditional seated poses.  It also refers to a mindset that you can bring into the rest of your life.  According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, founder of the well researched Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, mindfulness can be defined as deliberately paying attention to the present moment without judgment.  It often involves observing breath, thoughts, sounds, or physical sensations, all of which are encouraged in Yoga practice. 

"You’re lucky", the doctor told Veronica as she sat in the ER, with a blood clot in her left leg that stretched from her calf into her thigh.  Parker took a deep breath in.  “I started an internal meditation, going back to my breath, instead of being plagued with the anxiety and fear that the doctors’ words were bringing up in me,” she says.  I started giving gratitude for the fact that I was still alive. I continued to breathe while giving thanks for my children waiting for me at home.”  The meditation teacher continued to meditate during her weeklong stay in the hospital, visualizing her blood clot safely thinning out and her heart and blood vessels being healthy and strong. “Meditation helped me stay clear and positive,” she says.  “Within 2 days of coming back home, I was off my crutches and able to walk again on my own.  Over time, my clot safely dissolved.”

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Call it a coincidence, but Veronica is only one example of how meditation may be beneficial for not only your mind but also your body.  We know that Meditation is great for your brain, but it also changes your BODY at the cellular level, making it a key tool to help manage various health conditions.  The practice may help enhance your IMMUNE SYSTEM, decrease INFLAMMATION, and change how your brain perceives pain.  As a result, hospitals and scientists are using it to help patients with a variety of conditions, including cancer, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic pain and more.

Prescribing Meditation
Given the many benefits we can only hope that physicians may soon start doling out prescriptions for mindfulness instead of pain pills or other drugs.

In case you were wondering - Yes! You can get started today.  Give this easy 5-minute meditation a try.

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A 5-minute Meditation for Stress Relief
Sit comfortably and begin by focusing on your breath.  Next, gently deepen the inhalation and lengthen the exhalation. As you inhale imagine breathing in peace. As you exhale and let go of any tension, stress, pain or worry.  Feel your body filling with peace and ease, becoming more calm and relaxed.  Continue for at least three to five minutes, or as long as you wish.  When you’re ready to finish, take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes.  Return to your day, feeling full of peace and more relaxed.

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