What is a Concierge Practice?

What is a Concierge Practice?

"We are more available and focused on your individual care."
- Carissa Doré, Founder

A Concierge Wellness Practice is designed to be an exclusive service, which provides better client care. In this model individuals pay a monthly fee to have access to next level care with numerous perks that traditional therapy does not afford. Rather than being limited to an one hour session, individuals experience ongoing support and individualized attention. Customized wellness plans are developed, which can include all Every Girl Living offers. Fees reflect how many hours an individual wants to reserve in the clincian's schedule.


5 Benefits of a Concierge Practice

A concierge wellness practice is a form of membership in which clinicians provide easier access to care, a cell phone number to connect directly with your clinician, guaranteed appointments, and visits that last as long as it takes to address your needs and other amenities.


1.  Concierge clincians provide longer, more frequent appointments. Have you ever been put on a waiting list to see a counselor? Then, go to your session and then have to wait another month or two to get in again? Well, you will never have this happen to you at EGL. 

2.  Concierge clinicians are more available.
Our concierge clinicians will call, text, email, and even do video sessions with you as needed. We are available to answer your health questions, often even after business hours. In most cases, we can provide same or next-day appointments.

3. Our Concierge clinicians are focused on preventive, not reactive, wellness care.
By having a comprehensive wellness plan and getting to know our clients at a more personal level, we can focus on more preventive care. We take the time to look at your entire health history on each visit, which helps us identify issues as they’re developing, rather than when they’re already serious.

4. Concierge clinicians are your wellness advocates.
Our Concierge clincicians have more time with you to talk about issues and consider how those issues are related to your overall health. Because we become familiar with your entire wellness history, we can help you make important decisions about your health. We can recommend specialists as needed and coordinate and track your overall care.

5. Concierge Wellness is more cost effective in the long run.
Our concierge clinicians focus on fewer clients than a traditional therapist or life coach, which allows us to focus on preventive care with better insight into each client's overall well-being. We take a deeper dive into what is bothering you, which in the long run can prevent relapses, hospitalizations etc. 

*article adapted from "5 Benefits for Patients Using Concierge Medicine" from Cypress Membership Medicine