What We Treat

You Are Unique...

At EGL, we work with you using a collaborative approach to create a wellness plan that is customized to your unique situation and needs. ​​

​​​​We treat a wide range of issues in women ages 13 to 80+

What We Treat

Our primary therapeutic approach is mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy for treating a range of disorders, such as depression, anxiety, trauma and mood-related issues.  We also help women who are dealing with grief, life changes, life purpose/balance, self-esteem, body issues and relationships (such as divorce/affair recovery).

We incorporate an integrative approach to treatment, which means we take into consideration your emotional, behavioral, cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual aspects when developing your wellness plan.​​​

How We Treat Trauma

In trauma, a person is disempowered and disconnected from others. So, recovery must focus on empowerment of the survivor and restoring relationships.​ The recovery process has three stages: 

1 Establish Safety

In this stage, we start by focusing on the body and then move to the safety in the environment. Since many survivors don't feel safe in their own bodies, it is important to start by building a compassionate relationship with one's body before moving to the next stage. We use mindfulness, compassion-based practices and yoga to help create a sense of safety.

2 Remembering & Mourning

Next, the focus is transforming one's traumatic memory, so it can be integrated into one's life. What was once a fragmented and terrifying memory to be avoided becomes an organized, detailed and historical event. The telling of one's story ​​​does lead to grief and mourning. This is a difficult stage but important in reclaiming one's history and life. We use Cognitive Processing and Narrative Based techniques for this stage.

3 Reconnect With Life

At this stage, trust is beginning to return. Feelings of autonomy are growing as well as a desire to connect with others.  We have developed a Women's empowerment group called Soul Bourn so survivors can gain a sense of connection and realize they are not alone.