Your Money Attitude: Let’s Talk Money

Let’s face it arguments about money 💰 are the #1 relationship wrecker.  In the U.S., 75% of divorced couples cite money as the cause of their marital fighting.  The most fought topic in households is MONEY.So, ask yourself this, “Are your finances a problem?”  Do you think you are in bondage to your finances? Watch this video by Chuck Bentley of MoneyLife and see if he sheds some light on the topic:

Under Pressure

Wow. Chuck has some strong words to say about finances and using our money God’s way.  We live in a culture where we are encouraged to spend, spend, spend! I mean you do “deserve a break today” right? We soothe our souls with the newest gadget, jeans, car and so on.

Crown Financial Ministries explain:

It is not always a lack of money that creates financial pressure. Many times it is simply a matter of attitude. If there is a right attitude toward money, freedom from financial bondage can be assured. God did not say that money and material things were problems; money is neither good nor bad. It is the use of money and the attitude toward money that is the problem. Therefore, Jesus regularly warned his followers to guard their hearts against greed, ego, and pride, because Satan can control God’s people with these emotional tools. In the area of finances, God’s people are extremely vulnerable. As such, they need to be encouraged to follow the necessary steps that will ensure money management according to God’s plan, thus ensuring financial freedom.

–Crown Financial

Your Attitude About Money

Scott and Bethany Palmer wrote a book called “First Comes Love then Comes Money.”  In their book, they talk about our “Money Personalities.”  These are our attitudes about money.  These personalities come from how we were raised, personal experience and our general personality.  The five personalities are:

The Saver – These are the penny-pinchers of the world. They hate to part with their money and everything is overpriced.

The Spender – They love to buy; money never stays around very long.

The Risk-Taker – The entrepreneurs and inventors. They’re not afraid of losing everything if it brings them closer to having everything.

The Flyer – Don’t really think about money and “fly by the seat of their pants” when it comes to financial planning.

The Security Seeker – They like knowing their financial future is locked in. They know exactly how much money is their retirement account, insurance, etc.

So, what is your money attitude or “personality”?  How does it affect your relationships or staying on  a budget?

Next Steps…

Are you ready to make some changes about your money situation?  Here are some resources to get moving on the right track:Visit  Crown Financial

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